AIYA Gift Cards for Restaurants

AIYA Gift Card offers a variety of gift cards, and gift card options, to suit your specific needs.

Engage guests in-store
and online using new channels

  • Attract Customers

    Gift cards are among the easiest ways to get customers into your restaurant. AIYA Tech makes a powerful POS system for restaurants that allows you to sell and use gift cards.

  • Grow Your Business

    Gift cards help attract new customers and increase recurring business. Often, many customers spend above and beyond the gift card's value. Because plastic gift cards can be reloadable and reusable, your business will continue to benefit as your customers carry your brand in their pocket.

  • Improve customer loyalty

    Reminding customers to return to your location every time the gift card is seen. And your most loyal customers may purchase a gift card for their friends or family.

  • A Marketing Tool

    A good way of accessing your products. Each gift card bears your company name and logo. This makes it a viable marketing tool when people see them displayed, purchase them for personal use or give them as gifts.


Fully Integrated

AIYA gift cards are fully integrated with AIYAPOS and AIYAOrder. Guests can use gift cards across mobile, web, and in-store.

Built for Franchises

Unlimited control, ultimate flexibility, and omnichannel gift cards built for the franchise model.

Consider these products alongside AIYA Gift Cards to power your restaurant’s success.


Online orders sent directly to kitchen printer are prepared faster ad more accurately.


Easily manage gift cards via AIYAPOS.