• Multi-Languages

    Multi-languages including English, Chinese.

  • Remote Access

    You can access your system and data from anywhere in the world. Menu updates automatically reflected in house and online.

  • Real-time Sync

    AIYA Cloud POS offers a real-time synchronization feature in which all data
    between online and offline can be automatically updated in real-time. Fire orders
    directly to your kitchen.
    Quickly processes orders with real-time synchronization with the kitchen,
    effectively enhancing turnover rate.

  • Customizable Interface

    Customizable, user-friendly interface.

  • Data Security

    All transaction data is automatically backed up online and secured on the cloud by different methods based on different suppliers. When your device is lost or
    broken, you don’t have to worry about losing data.

  • Maximum Versatility

    The ability to connect your POS hardware to a cash drawer, barcode scanners, a receipt printer.

  • Scalability

    Business growth and expansion are desired targets for all retail business owners
    and restaurant owners. AIYAPOS system is
    possible to be scaled up when needed to match with business size. AIYAPOS
    is designed with scalability so that you can choose to scale up the POS without
    spending too much time, effort, and budget.

  • Business Insights

    AIYAPOS allows you to track all transactions, or sale histories so you can view this
    information anywhere at any time.

  • Cost efficiency

    Using AIYAPOS can help you reduce many costs since you don’t have to buy a hard drive to store the data. Besides, AIYAPOS
    systems now offer many useful tools for business, so you don’t need to buy any extra software.